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Plumbing and heating are generally taken for granted by everyone – until there is a problem.  You need water, gas and your heating system to deliver with the least fuss and stress.

You can depend on our team of experienced plumbing and heating designers to help you with every aspect of your water and gas installation from design through to maintenance.

You’ll get expert plumbing and heating engineers ready to help with:

  • Underfloor heating installation
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Kitchen refurbs
  • Boiler replacements
  • Air-source heat pumps to provide renewable energy
  • Gas piping and connections
When you need a reliable support service to keep
your plumbing and heating running seamlessly

just give us a call on 020 8204 7774

Plumbing & Heating

And, of course, ready to come to the rescue when things don’t work as they should. The biggest challenge with anything to do with building is sticking to the schedule.  You’ll find we move heaven and earth to deliver to your plan, on time and on budget. You’ll get high speed responses in emergencies and a friendly and knowledgeable team to keep things running so emergencies are few and far between.



Hi-end residential house Clients: Private Architects: Design & Build M&E Consultant: IMS Design Location: Northwood Value: £466,000   What We Did Plumbing, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Home Automation, Door Entry, Security & CCTV.