We consider the bathroom as one of the most important features in a house, In addition to a kitchen it is also considered one of the greatest selling points of a house. When designing a bathroom you must always think about the space available. One common mistake to avoid is cramming the room and overcrowding the available space making it uncomfortable for use. This may have adverse effects on the look and feel of the bathroom, as the visual image of the bathroom may be disrupted by bulky and large sanitary ware. People often buy the biggest bath or the biggest shower, but rarely consider the space available making bathing and showering an uncomfortable experience.

Due to the piping and the bulky nature of the bathroom suites, you will not be able alter this room on a regular basis. It is essential that you plan and design your bathroom effectively to gain the maximum life out of your bathroom suite.

We have experience in installing many different types of bathrooms, our experienced team of qualified engineers provide installations and advice. We cater for the most basic contract range bathroom to some of the most complex designs involving steam rooms, Jacuzzis, jets, rain shower systems, wet rooms and disability bathrooms tailored to your needs.

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