We are a NICEIC accredited company. These certifications prove that we have the knowledge and expertise to offer our clients a complete heating and hot water system package with a full electrical package. Whilst it is relatively easy to make an electrical circuit work, it is far more challenging to make the circuit work safely. To avoid the dangers that live electricity can create, it is essential that all electrical work is carried out by qualified experts.

Many people assume that when a socket works or a light switch turns on and off it’s working, however this is not the case. How do you know that the switch or light under a faulty condition will not give you an electrical shock or even kill someone who operates it? It is with safety in mind that we design your electrical systems incorporating the latest types of electrical isolation and safety devices.

Just like you have your car serviced, your electrical system also needs attention and checking over years. Connections come loose due to mechanical strain and wear as well as expansion and contraction caused by hot and cold temperatures. Cables also age and the insulation that protects you from electric shocks and fires becomes frail. It is for these reasons that we recommend you use qualified engineers to design and service your electrical systems.


We are a Gas Safe Register accredited company which enables us to offer our customers the highest quality heating and hot water system packages. We design your heating installation to ensure reliability and quality workmanship. We want our customers to be satisfied with our services in the long term without the inconveniences of breakdowns and financial burden. Our recommendations are based on years of experience and customer feedback. It is not in our interest to sell you unreliable systems but those that are tried and tested as we value our customers.

Our engineers are trained to handle various types of work, both domestic and commercial, and we undertake not only installation but servicing maintenance and breakdown repair for all of the below and many more:

Combination & Sealed Boiler systems
Open Vent Boiler Systems
Unvented Hot Water systems (Megaflo)
Vented hot water systems (Copper Cylinder)
Water based & Electrical Under Floor Heating systems
Gas Fires
Instantaneous Water Heaters
Cookers & Ovens
Central Heating & Radiators


Plumbing systems can suffer from a wide range of faults, from leaks and limescale to low pressure and corrosion. We offer professional advice on what would be the best solution for you to overcome these problems. Our qualified engineers are always available to offer advice and custom solutions to suit all of your plumbing needs. Our engineers are trained to handle a wide variety of work.

We are gas safe certified plumbers and our staff conform to the latest rules and regulations within our industry. In addition, our staff are constantly adapting their skills to provide our customers with the highest level of professional and quality services. We actively support various apprenticeship programs and our staff regularly attend training and development seminars in order to develop their skills.


We consider the bathroom as one of the most important features in a house, In addition to a kitchen it is also considered one of the greatest selling points of a house. When designing a bathroom you must always think about the space available. One common mistake to avoid is cramming the room and overcrowding the available space making it uncomfortable for use. This may have adverse effects on the look and feel of the bathroom, as the visual image of the bathroom may be disrupted by bulky and large sanitary ware. People often buy the biggest bath or the biggest shower, but rarely consider the space available making bathing and showering an uncomfortable experience.

Due to the piping and the bulky nature of the bathroom suites, you will not be able alter this room on a regular basis. It is essential that you plan and design your bathroom effectively to gain the maximum life out of your bathroom suite.

We have experience in installing many different types of bathrooms, our experienced team of qualified engineers provide installations and advice. We cater for the most basic contract range bathroom to some of the most complex designs involving steam rooms, Jacuzzis, jets, rain shower systems, wet rooms and disability bathrooms tailored to your needs.


  • "Outstanding service and value for money. A great team -reliable, friendly and polite."

    Juan Luntly
  • "Thank you very much indeed for a brilliant job well done. It is so amazing to think we have moved back into the 20th century! Thank you also for making the usage of the system easy for two oldies."

    Chris and Mary
  • "We had a new shower room added plus odds and ends in our new home. I am completely pleased both by the workmanship and the general way in which IMS and their team, treated our home and us."

    Colin Blackhead
  • "I knew when we'd discovered you that we were going to get good advice on finding the right sustainable heating solution. It was matched with impeccable service and a thoroughness that doesn't often exist today. Thank you to the whole team for everything that you have achieved - we are absolutely delighted."

    Ketan Mandalia
  • "THANK YOU for my lovely warm house. Bathroom is fantastic, looks great and can see the hard work that has been put it in to make it look perfect. Thanks for keeping everything so tidy too! Won’t hesitate to use you again in the future."

    Roshni Kara
  • "After contacting many plumbers regarding a rather specialised job, Harish not only took on the work which others could not or did not want to deal with, but at a very reasonable cost. Finding a new and reliable plumber is not an easy thing. I would not hesitate in recommending his services"

    Laurence Sykes
  • "In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. IMS was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work"

    Mrs Ainsworth
  • "Great service, on time and very professional"

    Mr Bowers
  • "Thanks again for your services. We will be highly recommending IMS to everyone we know"

    Zoe Clark
  • "My central heating failed - the engineer was prompt, identified the problem, he also cured another problem which baffled 2 other plumbers"

    Ani Lowanta
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